Prodiscus Platinium Stari

  • €19,90

STARI   5 | 4 | -2 | 1

The Prodiscus Stari is the newest midrange made by Prodiscus. A great midrange for annhyzer throws; this disc is extremely understable. Let go of it on a hyzer (tilted to the left with a right-handed backhand throw) and it turns back to horizontal during its flight. Let go of it horizontally and it turns slightly on its side to the right, creating an S-curve. Because of this, the Stari corrects the mistake that is made most by beginners: letting go of the disc on too much hyzer, which normally results in a disc that swings way left.

The Stari goes well together with the Prodiscus Midari. These two discs complement each other and make sure you have a midrange in your bag for every scenario possible: the Stari is great for understable throws, and the Midrari is great for throwing straight lines.